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Wire Mesh Openings

Hardware cloth, also known as wire mesh or metal mesh, has mainly three hole types:
Square opening, oblong opening, hexagonal opening.



Two types of processing hardware wire cloth basically: welded or woven.


Woven Wire Mesh

Three types: Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Twist Weave

Plain weave is used for general woven mesh type while Twilled weave is used for making of black iron fine mesh clothand vinyl coated cloth sometimes.

Light type woven mesh hardware cloth is used for window screening and other utilities.
Coarse woven gal. hardware cloth is made with pre crimped wire sometimes. Also in plain weave. This type of mesh is strong and mainly used for machine screening, mining, sand screens, etc.

Twilled weave is used for making of black steel mesh cloth and stainless steel wire mesh for filtration and sifting uses. Plain weave also applied to black wire cloth and vinyl coated hardware cloth.

Twisted weave is mainly applied in hexagonal mesh making.


Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire offers much better strength, corrosion resistance and better fabrication capability than woven wire products.
Welded mesh can be made from a variety of materials, including carbon steel wire, stainless steel or plastic coated iron wire. Welded prior to galvanizing or after galvanizing.

Typical Sizes:
5/8" x 5/8", Wire Gauge 18,19,20,21;
3/4" x 3/4", Wire Gauge 16,17,18,19,20,21;
1" x 1/2", Wire Gauge 16,17,18,19,20,21;
1-1/2" x 1-1/2", Wire Gauge 14,15,16,17,18,19;
1" x 2", Wire Gauge 14,15,16;
2" x 2", 12,13,14,15,16

Standard roll length: 30m;width: 0.5m to 1.8m
Special sizes welded wire mesh is available at request

Surface treatment:
Stainless steel; Hot dip zinc plating, galvanizing; plastic coating, vinyl coating.

General processing:
Gal. before welding;
Gal. after welding;
HDG before welding;
HDG after welding.




Electro galvanized finish offers good corrosion resistance, bright appearance, long service life and other features.
The electric galvanized hardware cloth is less cost compared with HDG mesh as the later used more zinc material in plating and it takes more time to work on it.
Black iron wire is the most low cost solution with slight oil protection.
Vinyl coating adds uniform protection layer for wire mesh fabrics made of galvanized steel wire or HDG steel wire. Black is the popular color used.
Silver bright finish stainless steel wire mesh has a naturally excellence in acid and alkaline resistance.


Wire mesh galvanized finish


Materials for Manufacturing

Plain steel
Stainless steel (woven, welded)
Galvanized steel (welded, woven)
Other alloy



Our wire mesh products have the following properties:
Precise opening
Sturdy structure



The mesh rolls are normally supplied in 100' roll and width of 24", 36", 48", or roll width: 0.6m-1.5m, in length of 30m-60m. Generally packed in rolls, wrapped with waterproof paper then covered with hessian-cloth, then in cartons or in pallet. Special packing may be arranged if necessary.



We can provide sample for free, and you only need to pay the shipping cost. The charge for new sample making is refundable, which means we will return it in your bulk order. It takes around two weeks for sample making. Our payment terms are T/T, Western Union, Trade Assurance. Paypal only available for sample order.

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