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Plain Steel Hardware Cloth - Filter Screen

Also known as iron wire mesh, carbon steel wire cloth, black wire cloth.
Material: Carbon steel wire, oiled iron wire, annealed wire.

Annealed wire mesh cloth ( with non galvanizing ), cut into circles:
Material: Black annealed wire mesh
38 x 34 mesh x 0.29 mm wire x 3 feet x 15 m rolls
Outer disc diameter 4.5" , 5.25" ,5.5" , 6" , 7". 

Disc Varieties:
Single layer without edged.
Single layer with rims.
Mutil layers filter disc with edge.
Dutch weave wire cloth filter disc.
Spot welded with closed selvaged type.
Spot welded without closed selvaged type.
Sintered mesh filter disc.
Black wire cloth disc.

Material: 201, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 430 etc.
Weave: Plain weave, Twilled weave.
Wire diameter: 0.13-2.5mm
Disc diameter: 25-1500mm
Thickness size: 1mm to 5mm
Layer: Single layer or multi-layers
Shape: Rectangle, aquare, round, oval, circular.

No Galvanizing Black Steel Hardware Wire Cloth in Rolls
Material: low carbon steel wire.
Hole: Square
Weaving: Plain or twill woven wire cloth. Can be processed into filter discs of various sizes.
Uses: To be cut to size in all shapes including, squares, rectangles and circles in all materials and mesh sizes.

Woven wire screen is mainly used in filtration and screening of rubber, plastic, petroleum and grains industry.

Plain Weave Illu
Twill Weave Illu
Steel Filter Wire Cloth
Mesh/Inch Wire Diameter
Plain Weave 12mesh 0.35mm
Plain Weave 12mesh  0.45mm
Plain Weave 14mesh 
Plain Weave 16mesh 
Plain Weave 18mesh 0.45mm
Plain Weave 20mesh 0.40mm
Plain Weave 20mesh 0.45mm
Plain Weave 24mesh 0.35mm
Plain Weave 30mesh 0.30mm
Plain Weave 30mesh 
Plain Weave 40mesh 0.25mm
Plain Weave 50mesh 0.23mm
Plain Weave 60mesh 0.17mm
Plain Weave 80mesh 0.13mm
Dutch Weave 12meshx64mesh 0.60mmx0.40mm
Dutch Weave 14meshx88mesh 0.50mmx0.33mm
Dutch Weave 24meshx110mesh 0.35mmx0.25mm
Dutch Weave 30meshx150mesh 0.24mmx0.178mm

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