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Galvanized Mesh, Woven Square Hole 12mesh x 12 mesh x 29 gauge:
Galvanised Wire Netting for Insect Screen Material, Supplied in Rolls or Sliced Pieces

Electric Galvanized Mesh, Woven Square Hole Mesh, in 60 mesh
Galvanized hardware cloth, fabric for making of standard test sieves, plain woven with electro galvanized steel wire, 60x60 mesh, wire gauge 38

Galvanized Wire Cloth Discs, in Plain Square Woven Mesh 40 mesh
Screen material: Galvanized mesh cloth, cut into circles, in single or welded into multilayer with other meshes, used in liquid and gas filter cartridges

Crimped Galvanized Woven Wire Mesh, in 8 Mesh
Coarse woven steel mesh with pre-crimped wire, galvanized, 8 x 8 mesh x 26 gauge wire, used as vibrating quarry screen in mine industry

Galvanized Square Mesh Hardware Cloth

Also known as Galvanized Mesh.


Manufacturing: Weaving or Welding
Galvanized mesh hardware cloths can be classified into Woven Wire Galvanized Hardware Cloth ( square hole ) and Welded Wire Galvanized Hardware Cloth ( square hole and rectagular hole ) . Hardware cloths manufactured through Welding or Weaving processing, will result in different structure, property and final applications.

Galvanizing: Galvanized Before or After Weaving / Welding Processing

The galvanizing of the meshes can be done before or after the weaving or welding. The latter processing enables thorough zinc plating to the hardware cloth and makes it stronger. A further vinyl or powder coating can be made to the hardware cloth at customers demand.

Galvanized hardware cloth woven mesh or welded mesh can also divided into electro galvanized or HDG (hot-dipped galvanized) according to the galvanizing treatment. Electro galvanized mesh hardware cloth is less cost compared with HDG one as the later used more zinc material in plating and it takes more time to work on it. HDG galvanizing has a thicker zinc coating and it offers good corrosion resistance, bright appearance, long service life and other features.

Popular Manufacturing Types Applied for Galvanized Meshes:
pre galvanized before welded;
hot dipped galvanizd after welded
galvanized woven mesh, electro or hot dip galvanized.

Pre-galvanized wire mesh is the most economical but is more prone to corrosion because the galvanized surface is burned off where the wires are welded.

Hardware wire cloth can be supplied in rolls, or cut into strips / pieces.

Square hole Galv. hardware cloth is made of galvanized iron wire by plain or twill weaving. Galvanized woven wire mesh has precision construction, uniform mesh, fine rust-resisting and durable function.
Packing: In rolls,wrapped with waterproof paper then covered with hessian-cloth. Special packing may be arranged if necessary.

Woven galvanized wire cloth is widely used in making grain sieve, industrial sieves in sugar, chemical, stone crusher industries, filter liquid and gas, mosquito and window netting.

Woven wire galvanized mesh with different holes and treatments are used in different work environments:

Common Gauges and Meshes:

Wire Gauge (BWG)
Wire Gauge (BWG)
3meshX21BWGX3'X100' 22meshX33BWGX3'X100'
4meshX23BWG 24meshX35BWG
5meshX24BWG 25meshX35BWG
6meshX25BWG 26meshX36BWGX1mX25m
8meshX24BWG 26meshX36BWGX3'X100'
8meshX26BWG 28meshX36BWG
10meshX27BWG 30meshX36BWG
10meshX28BWG 30meshX36BWGX1mX25m
12meshX29BWG 30meshX36.5BWGX1mX25m
14meshX28BWG 35meshX36BWGX3'X100'
14meshX30BWG 40meshX38BWG
16meshX30BWG 40meshX38BWGX1mX25m
18meshX30BWG 45meshX38BWGX3'X100'
20meshX32BWG 50meshX38BWG
20meshX33BWG 60meshX38BWG
22meshX32BWG -

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