Welded Mesh and Fabricated Products
Hardware cloth welded mesh is used as building materials in concrete buildings, plaster mesh, screens for vents, louvers, welded mesh border security fencing, poultry fences, tree guards, fan guard covers, also used in wire baskets, cages, containers and various forms of fabrications.

Welded Mesh for Concrete Precast Reinforcing Panels

Galvanised Steel Fencing

Black coated wire mesh for tree protection fencing

Dog Cages and Animal Cages

Rabbit Netting Fence and Containers

Fan Guarding Cover Panels


Woven Wire Mesh and Fabricated Products

Galvanized woven mesh hardware cloth is mainly for window screening and mine screening.

Woven wire cloth can be cut, welded, framed and fabricated into different forms of filter elements.

We can supply wire mesh cut pieces, stripes, discs, welded packs of multi-layer, or single layer.

Black wire cloth made of the twilled weave offers close mesh spacing and good filtration ratings. It can be punched into discs for filter screens.

Stainless steel hardware cloth is used as building materials ( welded type), filter cloths ( woven type) and for fabrications.

Square Mesh Window Screening Fabric

Grading Screen for Particles

304 Stainless Steel Mesh Disc Filter

Wire Cloth Pleated Filter Cartridges for Polymer Melt Industry


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