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Galvanized Mesh Hardware Cloth

Galvanized wire mesh hardware cloth can be electro galvanized or HDG (hot-dipped galvanized) according to the treatment. Electro galvanized mesh hardware cloth is less cost compared with HDG one as the later used more zinc material in plating and it takes more time to work on it.
It offers good corrosion resistance, bright appearance, long service life and other features.

Weaving Pattern: Square opening, in plain weave
Coarse woven gal. hardware cloth is mainly used for window screen and door guards, machine screening, sand screens, etc.

Plain Weave Illustration:

Galvanized Hardware ClothGalvanized Hardware Cloth

Common sizes for HEAVY GALVANIZED MESH include 2mesh, 3mesh, 4mesh, 5mesh, 6mesh, 8mesh, 12mesh, etc. Wire gauge covers 16,17, 23, 24, 25, 26.

Light woven mesh for window screening mainly refers to fine woven galvanized wire mesh with sizes as follows:

10meshx10mesh HC01:

14x14mesh HC02:

16x16mesh HC03:

18x18mesh HC04:

20x20mesh HC05:

22mesh HC06:

24mesh HC07:

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